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You have taken the very first step towards the well-being of your child.

Virtue baby project is a noble initiative where we take care of the hearts and minds of the expecting parents, who are planning to bring forth a new life into the world. We reach out to expecting parents as a caregiver in their journey of parenthood for their baby to be happy, healthy and virtuous. With Virtue Baby program, we make sure that you learn to appreciate life throughout this journey of parenthood and form a divine channel of communication with your child within the womb.

Virtue baby program started with a thought of providing inspiration, information and assistance to expecting parents for introducing virtues and nurturing the baby within the womb. We take care of the thoughts and feelings of the mother which create hormones that are responsible for baby's overall physical and emotional development and have a long lasting impact on the child's personality.

We are associated with renowned gynaecologists, physicians, dieticians, paediatrics, yoga experts and other experts in the field of healthcare; who take exceptional care of the child as coming forward and guide the parents through this special and beautiful phase of their life.

The idea of Virtue Baby is focused on the parent's eagerness and conscious state of mind about welcoming a new soul and such enthusiasm shall provide them the strength and motivation. You and your husband are thinking of creating a future together by bringing a new life forward. Excited and nervous together you have many questions and circumstances to face; our team will conduct and counsel on the step by step development of the baby and help you weave the spiritual bond between you and your baby.

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There are different activities and modules which help you keep your mind serene with a healthy and happy baby growing within you. You will be provided with a kit which includes the following material.

  • All for Baby Scrapbook
  • Virtue's Storybook
  • Womb Conversation Book

All for Baby Scrapbook

All for Baby is a beautiful scrapbook which crafts your pregnancy journal and helps you create memories of the feelings you experienced, from the time of announcing your pregnancy to giving birth, holding your baby for the first time and everything in between. You can record all the unique, surprising and unpredictable details. You can also create photo memories. This journal will take you back in the memory lane with all your practical and personal moments crafted wonderfully to share with your baby and family in the years to come.

Make sure to fill the scrapbook at least once a week and complete the activity given in the book. Record your thoughts about your family's reactions, your feelings, things you did to celebrate your pregnancy etc. Describe how you felt when you experienced the first kick and felt your baby's heartbeat. Paste pictures with your family and create your own personal memento of cherished moments.
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Virtue's Storybook

Virtue's Storybook is a reading womb book. You must be aware that it is advised to read educational books during pregnancy which is a great way to introduce virtues into your child within the womb. Ages ago pregnant women were encouraged to read mythological and religious books so that pure thoughts and good moral values could be passed on to their babies within the womb. Reading out stories from Virtue's Storybook with your partner will become a loving and bonding family routine and also impart positive values to the expecting child.

Pick a story from the virtue storybook and narrate it to yourself and the baby within the womb. You may also pick a story for each day or each week as to revise and follow the same in your life. The conclusion of each story is intended to help you focus and create a positive atmosphere for the baby within the womb.

After a moment of silence read out slowly, like you are narrating the story to your baby. Always keep in mind that your baby listens to everything you say. Read all the stories with their morals to your baby and follow the activities with meditations. You get the benefit from the virtues and morals, while learning the same in a cheerful/delightful way with your baby.
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Womb Conversation Book

Enjoy loving womb conversations with your baby during these nine months. Take out some time each day and sit in relaxation with your partner. Develop that eternal connect with your little one, as you read out these divine meditations unfolding the weekly development of your baby within the womb.

Reading these meditations will help you keep your mind relaxed, think positively and nourish your baby in a healthy and happy environment. Every week has a spiritual affirmation and few weekly to-do-tips for you and your partner. You can take cues from the recipes which are there in the book, to help all the mothers to have a balanced and nutritious diet. Like a caretaker, this book will enlighten you through this joyous journey of parenthood.
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