Baby Bath


When a baby is born there is a divine connection, between the mother and the baby.

When you touch, the child instinctively feels this bond. Bathing the baby is one of the most intimate expressions of this very bond. When you start giving your baby a tub bath, you need to take special care and precautions.

Before bathing your baby, you should always keep ready, a baby shampoo, baby cleanser, dry towels and hooted towels.

Babies enjoy a warm water bath. Pour cold water in the bath, followed by hot water to prevent accidental scolding of your baby. Swirl the water gently, to ensure there are no hot spots. You can use a thermometer to check the temperature of water. Water that is warm to about 37 degree centrigate, is just right. You can also use your wrist or elbow, to feel the temperature of water.

If you are living in a hard water area, then only water may not be enough to bathe your baby. However, hard water may dry your baby's skin and is linked to eczema and skin rashes.

Use a gentle moisturizing pH neutral liquid cleanser, that does not upset the delicate natural balance of your baby's skin.

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