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In today's hectic lifestyle having a sound knowledge of boosting fertility can help a lot of expecting parents to conceive naturally.

Once you plan to conceive or try to get pregnant, you should not interfere too much with nature, at least during the first year. If you are aware of your ovulation time and follow it with timed intercourse then it can help you to get pregnant faster. Before planning, it is important to get your general health tests done to ascertain your physical health. And after you get your checkups done from your medical expert, you have to take care of your emotional health. If parents have a positive mindset and emotional balance then the process of pregnancy becomes quite easier.

To boost fertility you must take care of -

Body Mass Index (BMI) or Weight Control
One major factor which many tend to ignore is the weight control. If one happens to be overweight or underweight it can hamper the chances of being fertile. For conception the balancing of weight is an important factor. You can try some prenatal exercises to stay in shape or just eat healthy to maintain a healthy body weight. This may help you to conceive faster!

Ovulation Time
Ovulation is when the egg is released in your ovaries, moves down to the fallopian tubes and is ready to be fertilized. An egg is released once in a month on the 14th day of your menstrual cycle i.e. and this time frame you will mark as your 'most fertile period'.

The odds of you getting pregnancy are higher during this period and you are certainly most fertile. So having regular intercourse at this time can boost your fertility and help you to conceive faster.

Stress-Free environment
Stress is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to fertility. If you manage to create a positive mindset and stay stress-free you are certainly adding to your fertility quotient. Stress of workplace for working mothers, financial stress and any kind of prolonged stress can lead to miscarriages and chances of infertility. Its time mothers must become aware about their thinking process. Besides taking proper diet and doing exercise, it is equally important for mothers to think positive, stay happy and peaceful.

Yoga and Meditation
In recent years the researches on fertility have proved beyond doubts that in the hustle-bustle of stressful life, practicing yoga and meditation can actually reduce the complications of infertility. There are many studies which are done on infertility and it is proved that practicing yoga before conception (either naturally or through IVF) has increased the fertility rate from 30 percent to 47 percent. All you need to do is your lifestyle management, know about your ovulation time, followed by regular intercourse (during fertile period) to boost your fertility.

All you need to do is your lifestyle management, know about your ovulation time, followed by regular intercourse (during fertile period) to boost your fertility.

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