Preparing for Pregnancy


An important milestone is a couple's life is Pregnancy, Labor and Birth of a child. Preparing your mind and body for pregnancy needs you to have a sound knowledge of your choices, regular medical check-ups and understanding of the unknown events during pregnancy to make childbirth a joyful and an extremely enriching event.

Researches in neurobiology have proven that more than any other experience, your conception, gestation and birth shapes who you are! It influences the decision you make, the way you feel about life and how you move forward in life.

So at this time when you are preparing for pregnancy, taking care of your physical and emotional health is important. If you keep a perfect balance of your mind and body then you can make this nine months journey healthier and your baby happier.

Keeping good thoughts helps the mind in secreting feel good hormones. It helps your body to release feel good neurotransmitters which nourish every cell of the body. And if a mother produces these hormones it will help nourish her cells and definitely help to nurture the cells of the life within the womb which is directly connected to her.

There is a term metabolic syndrome which includes lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes, cholesterol and hypertension and this metabolic syndrome has a fetal origin. You should try to maintain a balanced diet and empower your mind and body with yoga and exercising. All this when taken care it will definitely help every women to prepare for a healthy and happy pregnancy.

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